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Sorry I haven’t been blogging consistently.  Right now I am sitting at home and not leaving the computer until I have 6 weeks of blogs done.  It is a busy time at the Arc Office.  Now that I am actually writing blogs again, I find that I was missing it.  Hope you were too.

We just finished with our Arc Fall Dance which was held at the Kandi Entertainment Center.  Our dance featured the wonderful band Custom Made and honored those who have protected our country through military service.  Decorations were very patriotic as were the dance participants, dressing in their favorite red/white/blue shirts, hats, and anything else that caught their eye .  Soldiers offered up their time to have pictures taken with very excited attendees.  There was also an historical display of uniforms from the past.  Instead of door prizes, which has been traditional with our Fall Dance, we asked for donations to go to a new program in Sauk Center which allows military who are having difficulty to live in their facility while they are getting help.  Donations filled Kari’s car and when she went to Sauk Center to deliver them, they were overwhelmed.

Over 250 people attended the dance and had supper.  The night was a huge success.  If you ever want a volunteer opportunity that will give you more than you gave them, volunteer for one of our events.  I always leave smiling, and often even laughing out loud.

Call us at 320-231-1777 for volunteer opportunities.

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